About Us

Hello, World!

Everything has its own meaning, so do we. For introduction, the people behind this blog are debate enthusiasts that are still lightyears away from meeting, let alone, becoming Bo Seo. There are various reasons why we debate.

Some are trying to expand their knowledge. Some are trying to change the world. Some are just simply trying to exercise their critical thinking. Whatever the reason is, there are treasures hidden in debating. What we do is to try to see things from the perspectives of others’.

We try to understand one another, to not judge a CPU by its casing. We strive to dispel the false stigma in our society by seeking the truth. And that truth, is treasure for everyone debating.

Our purpose here is to increase debate resources on the internet. As you can see, we as of present we have only one feature, the motion analysis. We have high hopes that the feature could contribute and add more to your learning process.

We are positive that the analysis provided are all equipped with proper proposals and reasonable reasonings and examplary examples — all in order to give you extra insights to motions from various headings.

This project also serves to accommodate people who have an interest in sharing their knowledge. Contributors are welcome! We are also totally aware that we are still lesser mortals prone to making mistakes.

Critics/comments/suggestions/testimonials are highly and deeply appreciated. Anytime you find typos/wrong facts/weak arguments/grammatical errors, please do inform us and let us improve. We are always reachable via the ‘Contact Us’ Menu Bar.

Lastly, you can still read through this FAQs.

What do you do?

We simply want to enrich debate-related resources on the internet. Our material is aimed for the parliamentary debating style, such as the Asian/Australs/British Parliamentary style, which is exercised widely in educational institution.

Why do you do what you do?

We are debate enthusiasts who felt grateful for having the positive benefits from debating, and we decided to at least ‘try’ to contribute to this community, as a form of gratitude. We do not make any profit from doing this, just so you know.

Will my debating skill get better if I subscribe myself to Debating404’s contents?

Your progress is not determined by how many contents here you have read. In fact, the most contributive factor toward your improvement would be your self awareness to keep on improving your knowledge. Stay curious, and eventually Debating404 could contribute something to your development. Cheers!

What should I do if I noticed misleading or wrong contents?

We are perfectly aware that we are just mortals and vulnerable toward doing mistakes. However, do not just blame us for our fault, but let us know where the mistake is and perhaps you could contribute to improve our quality. You can reach us by the ‘Contact Us’ menu.

I felt like I am being spoiled by your contents. What should I do to not take it for granted?

Yes, it is true indeed that we have written down our thoughts along with the analysis, so that you could consume it directly. However, our role here is just to exploit what is expected from the motion, so you could get yourself familiar with it. In order to make the most from the contents, you must first realize that you are here not to memorize/copy-pasting all the writings, but to understand them.

How can I contribute to Debating404?

You can try accessing the ‘Join Us’ menu. Further explanation is available there.

What makes Debating404 different from other online debating tutorial?

We noticed that we are not alone in the journey to proliferate debate. Moreover, we are also aware that every debate-support site has their own style in contributing to the community. So do we! We are here to serve as a platform where anyone with ideas could share their knowledge publicly. We highly welcome contributors and encourage anyone to be one.

How do you respond to bad comment like “Debating404 sucks”

Simply “Goodbye”.