Call for Action

Debating 404 is a project that aims not only to be a platform for personal growth, but also a platform that empowers and upgrade personal development into something more powerful and echoing that can influence the development of the community, and also to form up personal friendship bond in the community.

We believe in the power and action of collective “one person” done in enthusiastic and industrious way can empower the community. We believe in the idea of collective debate community empowerment, and that empowerment will introduce critical, mature, and thorough thinking to every facet of life, whether it relates to policy making, education, to human relationship, etc in personal life to international scale and thus brings betterment to society.

And writing is a humble, but very powerful means to achieve that belief. Writing is a fantastic and effective way to develop ourselves, and to note and share our knowledge. Writing makes knowledge accessible to anyone without knowing cruel discrimination that haunts our society, and ultimately, writing makes knowledge everlasting and accessible across generations.

The dream is tremendous, and we want to share this dream, this vision to the people and community. It’s a challenging path to be walked, but together we can make the dream comes true.

Feeling the same? Having the same dream and vision? Want to do something about that? Then this project is for you no matter you are a beginner or experienced in debate and writing. Let’s develop ourselves and the community together. Join us and be part of the dream!