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The purpose of our community contribution is none other than to construct a knowledge-sharing platform which is based on values of originality and a good writing that hopefully would have the capacity to convince smart (re: skeptical) readers. In order to achieve that, please comply with the following standards:

  1. A post should always consist of a motion and its analysis from both sides (Affirmative/Positive and Opposition/Negative). How many arguments you wish to present for your post entries are up to your own discretion.
  2. A post is only entitled to an author. We forbid having a co-author to compose the writing. The main reason is to promote the value of authenticity and originality.
  3. A post is published upon review of an editor. When a substantial change for your content is deemed necessary by the editors, they will personally approach you via e-mail for discussion. Other than that, if the magnitude of change and modification required in reviewing is not as large as it seems to be, the editors will do the necessary editing(s) themselves.

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